Four Must Haves for Spring

With the crisp and breezy days of spring upon us, we find ourselves wrapping our sweaters up and packing them in cedar chests. The excitement of a new season, and a new wardrobe, is palpable in the air. There are four wardrobe elements that you must have as you dive headfirst into the warm weather.

1.) Cute, Casual Dresses

These are the easiest to thrown on to go to the mall, put over a swimsuit for a visit to the pool, or to run out to dinner. It’s an instant outfit, it’s fast and simple and always looks good. Luckily, with retailers like Old Navy, ASOS, and Shein, you can find tons of these under 20.00.

2.) Something Polka Dotted

Polka dots are everywhere! From the finest couture collections to Target to middle of the road ready to wear, it’s one of this season’s hottest trends. Don’t go dotty with head to toe dots, but instead invest in something you can wear next year too. A pair of cute shorts, a sash belt you can wear with many things, or a cute off the shoulder top will Keep you on trend. This brings me to my next must have…

3.) Off the shoulder top

This is the top of the season. In fact, this is the silhouette of the season. Dresses, tops and jumpsuits all have this neckline. The off the shoulder top will look outstanding with jeans, cut offs, minis and skinny pants. It’s a romantic, cute, and oh so stylish look.

4.) White denim

Whats crisper and looks better with a tan than a white denim mini? White denim skinnies look hot with halters, tanks, and button down shirts tied in front. A cute pair of daisy duke cut-offs in white is about as sexy as it gets.

Yay for spring!

Stopping Time- Time and Time Again

Today in Miami I was stopped in the airport by a lady wanting to know what kind of watch I was wearing. I explained to her that it’s my wooden watch designed by the Jord Watch Company. In my opinion, what makes this watch so special and unique is the golden-toned, champagne face next to the rich, dark zebrawood grain. The warm golden-toned face matches all of my gold jewelry and the polished, refined zebrawood grain is so total unlike any other timepiece that it literally stops people in their tracks. I also totally love the band and the clasp. The clasp is hidden and it gives the watch a jewelry feel so it’s more like a bracelet you’re wearing rather than a watch. Once on board the plane, I pulled the company website up on my phone and showed to the lady who then pulled the website up bought my watch on the spot.

I’m not getting paid to say this, it really happened! As I’ve said in my previous post last week, Jord Watches are the must have, chic accessory of the season. I can’t wait to wear this on vacation with my linen and cotton hot weather wardrobe. The vision of sipping a fruity, umbrella drink under a tiki hut with this on my wrist sounds like my cool girl moment of the summer. I’m also really excited to collect some more of their pieces with different metallic-toned accents to match my different jewelry pieces.

I’ll be giving a Jord Watch away, so be sure to enter my giveaway on my Instagram account, @realshaune

Check out all the Jord Watch goodies:

Link to their men’s shop :
Link to our women’s shop :
Link to my watch:
Link to their Homepage:

What’s Your Point?

Ahhhh…. spring is in the air, birds are in the trees, flowers are blooming, and pointed toes are everywhere. Whether it’s white patent at Prada, metallics at Louboutin, or Fendi’s remarkable Colibri mixed media slingback, all are tapered, elegant, and to the point.

What says spring more than no. 21’s black and white gingham bow slide? This is a perfect spring shoe, perfect with cropped skinny jeans or a white denim mini.

Prada’s nude leather slingback with a two inch heel and a signature bow on the vamp is the perfect career shoe that can make the transition seamlessly into dinner.

Manolo Blahnik hits it out of the park with the Trova cap-toe leather ankle wrap pump. Silver and white, this shoe is sexy and elegant at the same time.

The shoes I’m wearing are Gianmarco Lorenzi black suede bow slingback. Such a beautiful shoe, it’s more like artwork than a shoe and is so exciting to wear because it’s a statement shoe.

This is one trend you won’t want to miss, it’s fun, retro, cool, sexy and everywhere!

So Haute Hippy Chick

Do the 70s ever go out of style? I think not, and if you made the NYFW rounds to the collections, you know they’re hotter than ever.  Everywhere you looked you saw the groovy fashion influence of the bygone era. Bell sleeves are red hot, bell bottoms are even hotter, and hottest of all were chunky platform sandals. Beaded details, embroidered tops, and fringe galore. Los Angeles design house Land of Distinction made their debut with a fall collection featuring flares cropped at the ankle, bright pink and red hues, and corduroy.  Yep, you heard right- corduroy, but with a modern flair. Alexander Wang’s leather jackets and mini dresses had a Studio 54 flavor, and over at Tom Ford there were brightly colored cropped animal print pants. The key to incorporating seventies style into your wardrobe is to pick one element you love and incorporate it into your modern pieces to keep it from looking costume. Flares with a fitted jacket, an embroidered beadwork top with crisp, fitted jeans, or a corduroy jacket over a sleek leather skirt. I paired this disco era dress with modern wedge sandals and a tailored bag and the result is fresh.

The Fabulously Unique Refined Design of Jord Watches


Gearing up for beautiful days lounging in the sun, warmer temperatures mean fresh new wardrobe looks and dynamic accessories! One of spring’s most exciting accent pieces this season is the refined design of beautiful Jord Watches. A timepiece like no other, Jord features state of the art watches made of raw, natural wood combined with metallic gold tones, silver tones and pewter accents. Whether lounging in a cabana in Cabo or starboard on a yacht off the coast of Catalina, these watches are the perfect accent to all of your warm weather looks. Perfect for resort collections and a great addition to many of New York Fashion Week’s looks, I fell in love the zebrawood Frankie watch I’m wearing. I recently modeled this watch with an orange and hot pink Lilly Pulitzer Resort starburst dress in New York and everyone on set wanted to know all about it. Later, when we were doing my official shoot, several people working behind the scenes were fascinated by the uniqueness of the Frankie. Sure to get you tons of compliments and lots of double takes, check them out now before spring arrives, they’re this season’s red hot must have accessory!

Link to their men’s shop :
Link to our women’s shop :
Link to my watch:
Link to their Homepage:

Jord Watches: Light, Airy, and Beautiful!

This week will be my official shoot for Jord Watches, I am so excited to announce that I am partnering with them for a new advertising campaign! The watches are absolutely fabulous, with silver and gold metallic accents on feather light wooden bands. What’s more perfect for spring than a luxurious wood grain watch on tanned skin with a white linen dress?!? I could not be more thrilled to be a representative of this company! Pictures soon to be posted to my Instagram fashion modeling account: @realshaune

And When You Smile For the Camera

Everyone can be photogenic, all people are beautiful and anyone can photograph like a model. It just takes a little work. Everywhere I go, people ask me questions about how they can look their best in photos so I decided to write about it in today’s blog. The art of taking great pictures is just that– an art that takes work to be perfected. The subject must know their best angles, their best colors and what type lighting is most complimentary. For example, I learned very early in my modeling career that side lighting is horribly unflattering. Similarly, outdoor mid-day bright sun is equally unforgiving. In the movie business, they call this “monster lighting” because the monsters look scarier when lit brightly from above. The best light and also the most flattering is light that hits your face straight on, either early morning or in the evening. I call it, “sweet light”. If you find yourself with a group who wants to get a photo during the noon hour, convince them to move under an awning or porch and into shade.
Posing is another acquired skill. Start by standing with one foot in front of the other and turn your hips slightly to the side. If you can point your front foot toward the picture taker, even better. You’ll look taller. If you’re a fashion blogger, don’t crop your feet out of the image as this shortens you. More tips:  If you’re wearing short sleeves or no sleeves, put your hands on your waist, this will slim your arms. Arms flat at your sides spread out. Always angle your face slightly, most people don’t photograph well straight on. If someone is shooting a profile photo of you, swallow right before they click the picture. This will give your jawline a nice curve and gets rid of a slight double chin. If you have a long face, tilt your chin up to round your face. For people with gaps between their teeth, push your tongue against your teeth when you smile and the gaps disappear in photos.
When shooting selfies, hold the camera higher than your head and turn your face slightly to the right or left. Finally, bright, warm colors tend to look better in pictures than cool pastels, as the warm brights make your skin glow.
Those are a few of my pointers, I could write all day on this topic. Remember to experiment in a full length mirror with your cell phone to find your best angles. Soon, you’ll be taking your photos with complete confidence!